Annual General Meeting on January19th, 2020

The Pender Island Junior Sailing Asociation AGM is scheduled for 10:00 AM on Sunday, Jan 19, 2020. The location will be the Pender Island Community Hall Lounge.

Below is the Agenda for this meeting as well as the Commodore’s Report covering the calendar 2019 season. A Board of Director’s meeting will follow immediately after the AGM.


Pender Island Junior Sailing Association


10 am  Jan 19th, 2020

Community Hall Lounge



  1. Welcome to Members.


  1. Approval of the Agenda


  1. Approval of the Minutes of 2018 AGM


  1. Report of the Commodore

Past year’s program


Boats and Engines

Better Financial Status


  1. Financial Report

2019 Statement

2020 Proposed budget


  1. Questions from the Membership


  1. Nomination Committee

7.1.  Nomination of Directors for a 2-year term


  1. Other Business


  1. Adjournment. Board Meeting to follow.

Directors and Nominations:

Directors fulfilling their 2nd-year term in 2019: John Ackermans, Margaret Alpen, Rick Mudie, Dave Reed, Don Williams

Nomination of Directors returning for a 2-year term: Allyson Coffey, Peter Hinton, Tim Underhill, Bob Vergette, Bruce Waygood

Nomination of new Directors for a 2-year term: Tom Caston, Bob Coulson.



 Commodores Report

 It was a busy year.  The newly acquired Pirate boats took more work to “assemble” than had been anticipated, but in general, they were an improvement on the Flying Juniors.  Our outboard motors caused a number of problems, leading PIJSA to purchase for 2020 a new 8Hp Yamaha motor and to retire the 2-stroke motor which produced too many noxious fumes.  PIJSA thanks Tom Caston for the loan of an outboard motor for one week. The seams of one of the red Zodiac’s bladders split, and it has been retired and replaced by a smaller and lighter used Walker Bay zodiac purchased on the Island. Another byte was acquired, and after the season, another Pirate boat has been donated to PIJSA.  Thus, no major purchases are anticipated for 2020.  While PIJSA incurred significant equipment expenses, fundraising and donations were very successful.

The biggest problem in 2019 was getting instructors for the Level 3 & 4.  For two of the 4 weeks, PIJSA could only offer “fun sailing” which was restricted to 5 students as one director had to be on the water for every student; an insurance requirement. Fun sailing was offered at a discounted rate ($50 less) as no instruction was provided. PIJSA started to look for 2020 Level 3 & 4 instructors in the fall of 2019.  Satya Underhill provided 3 weeks of Level 1 & 2 instruction and Tara Golonka the other week. Brooke Jungula and Kaiden Richardson provided a week each of Level 3 & 4 instruction.  All the instructors were keen and enjoyed by the students.  However, it became clear that the standards for passing the various levels have been tightened, and it will take many students 2 years to complete each level if they are not sailing in between the courses.  Despite the difficulties in being able to confirm the senior-level courses until the last moment, over 65 students participated.

Delivering the PIJSA’s program requires the contribution of the Directors and volunteers.  On behalf of the Board, I would thank the following volunteers: Tom Bon, Dennis Budnyk, Jerry Folk, Rob Gordan, Lani Harris, Mathew Hinton, Leone Mudie, Margaret Vergette, Ross Warneboldt, and Kate Waygood.

Delivery also requires money, and the following are acknowledge and thanked for their support; CRD, Tru-Valu, Boating BC, Nu-T-Yu, Port Browning Marina and Pub, Green Angels, Parks and Recreation (CRD), Pender Island Yacht Club, and Magic Lake Property Owners Society.



Hackers Tournament on Sept 21, 2019

In conjunction with Port Browning Marina, we are pleased to announce the Port Browning-PI Junior Sailing annual Hackers Golf Tournament. The fateful day is Saturday, September 21st and the weather looks to be co-operating, despite the current spate of moisture.

This is a shot-gun start Best Ball Tournament and participants may join as a foursome or PI Golf will arrange a foursome for you. All levels of swinging competence are welcome – lol.

Cost is $75 for 18 holes of golf and dinner, $55 for PIGC members or for dinner only which will be hosted by Port Browning Marina. Tickets are only available at the golf club.

Contact or (250) 629-6659.

We hope to see you on the links and/or for dinner! All proceeds go to Pender Island Junior Sailing.



2019 Registration Process

2019 Registration Process

Similar to past years, registration will be staggered to accommodate returning students/their siblings followed 2 weeks later by registration for new students.

  1. Registration for returning students and a sibling is May 1st.
  2. All other (new) students will be on May 15th.

We will again offer CANSail beginner course Levels 1 & 2 using Pirate-class training sailboats (similar to our old Flying Juniors) and advanced course Levels 3 & 4 using Lasers and a Byte.

The 2019 Course Dates are: July 15-19; July 29-Aug 2; Aug 5-9; Aug 19-23. All course levels (1-2-3-4) will be offered in each of the above weeks, providing maximum flexibility for our participants.

All students in Levels 1 & 2 must be at least 9 years old at the start of the course, and 12 years old for Levels 3 & 4. Adults are welcome. All students must be able to swim and will be tested.

Registration is a 3-step process for both the May 1st and May 15th registrations.

1) Notify by, the name of the student(s) immediately after 8 AM Pacific Time on May 1st/May 15th along with their course level, primary/secondary preferred week-date, and the email address of parent/legal guardian. As a backup, you can call Allyson Coffey immediately after 8:00AM Pacific Time at: (604) 220-7259.

2) Registration forms will then be emailed to above legal guardians for completion and returned to within 14 days.

3) We request that payment for the courses be made within 14 days of returning the registration form, which should be done shortly after Allyson has confirmed registration. Until PIJSA has received payment, the registration is not secure.

The 2019 course fee is C$175. Payment should be sent to our Treasurer – Rick Mudie –

  1. by e-transfer to [] or,
  2. by cheque left in the PIJSA folder at Dockside Realty (Driftwood Center) or,
  3. by postal mail to 2727 Anchor Way, Pender Island, BC V0N2M2 .

It is vital that individuals initially contact our Registrar at at 8 AM on May 1st/15th to confirm your registration and start the process.

Monday, August 17th, 2015

Another week and another great commencement. We had 9 boats and 18 sailors on the starting line for this week’s festivities. A dozen (largely novice) young sailors using Flying Junior boats were accompanied by a half dozen skilled denizens of the deep using our Lasers. To be fair, half the Lasers were being handled by first time skippers, so our complement of students overwhelmingly would have a “Learner/Novice” plaque affixed to their current mode of transportation.

Monday has become our swim test day and everyone attacked the waters with gusto. A local otter was wondering what the commotion was, but s(he) quickly scampered away in the face of 18 determined swimmers.

Youngsters Kicking up a Storm Laser Swimmers


It was a challenging morning as winds were light and variable (aka fluky), leaving some of our newer sailors wondering what has happening to their propulsion systems – hehe. Despite the changeable winds, they performed admirably and had their vessels crossing in formation by the end of the first morning. Well done sailors!

Day 1 FJ's Flying in Formation Fj's Chased by Instructor

Friday, August 7th, 2015

Fine weather ushered in our final day on the water for this sailing group. Their strong performance throughout the week allowed our instructors to challenge all sailors to a multi-leg race to/from Mortimer Spit as the “grande finale” to the week. To add some spice, Laser sailors were required to beach the boats, circling them on foot AND completely roll/right their vessels on the water.  It was destined to be a day of drama and fun, keeping our land-based Directors busy scanning the horizon while others manned our crash boat on the water. Things started with beach instruction on rigging a Laser II which, of course, our instructors snaffled as their preferred rig for the romp (providing them with an – ahem – slight advantage). Spectators enjoyed 10 boats mastering the breeze along some fine gymnastics to execute Laser rolls.

Friday PM #14 Friday PM #15

The race dispensed with, our hungry sailors arrived at Mortimer Spit for the traditional BBQ. They dispatched our goodies using the same precision targeting displayed in the race. “One up/one down” was the order of the day – keeping our parent and director volunteers more than a little busy satisfying pent up demand – lol. It was a fun filled hour where everyone gelled and relaxed before returning to the matter at hand … sailing in perfect weather in pristine waters.

Friday PM #10 Friday PM #6 Friday PM #7 Friday PM #9And sail they did! Often the end of the week leaves tired sailors slowly de-rigging boats and returning them to their base. This group was still rocking with juniors being introduced to the advanced Laser boats thanks to our more experienced sailors guiding them. The sailing continued into the late afternoon with boats beached long after our instructors had left to return to Vancouver Island. It was an unmitigated blast for sailors and spectators …

Friday PM #12 Friday PM #11 Friday PM #5 Friday PM #4 Friday PM #3 Friday PM #2 Friday PM #1 Returning Home with a Dry-Roll

Our sailors and parents have always been generous and fulsome with their praise for the efforts of the volunteer Board as well as our instructors. We were delighted when they handed instructors and the Board a card with well wishes at the conclusion of the week. Surprise turned to mild shock when our parents also donated funds to assist in refurbishing some of our boats. We will develop a work plan to put your generosity to best use over the winter! A huge thank you from all of us to each of you.

Thanks Thank You Cards

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

A dull morning start gradually shifted to Pender sun later in the sailing day. Our FJ crews focused on the all-important man overboard routine as fluky winds bedeviled their attempts to provide succour. Asides from the obvious life-saving aspects, this process emphasizes boat control under duress – as many of our participants quickly found it. Based on a point of maximum inconvenience, crews drop a life preserver at the sound of the instructor’s whistle. Fortunately we did not insert a large watermelon into each preserver – but we always reserve the right to do so at a future point! (A slippery heavy melon certainly adds a touch of realisme).

Man Overboard Drill

By noon bright sunshine returned, providing an opportunity to capture our Laser fleet beached and awaiting their Captains.  This shot included our crash boat in action as well a Flying Junior in the background. The afternoon concluded with Lasers practicing racing maneuvers and our FJ’s continuing with the overboard drills. Friday will be the picnic run to the far end of Browning Harbour and our Lasers will be putting their racing expertise to use, including the dry-roll demonstrated in the final beach run at the end of the day.

Lasers on the Beach Returning Home with a Dry-Roll

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

Wednesday brought somber clouds with occasional rain showers. A welcome respite for islanders who are suffering from an El Nino-induced drought. It was not quite as fulsomely welcomed by our sailors who faced cool waters with variable winds. The upshot of the day was a minor collision with a moored ocean-voyager at the culmination of our classes. Our instructor spoke with the owners and relayed a damage report to us. Our Commodore and I motored out with apprehension.

And then it happened …

We have all read of blue sea voyagers when perusing our copies of Cruising World or World Navigator. Today was my first “in the flesh” encounter with sailors who have crossed the seas and returned to help us coast huggers move beyond the small stuff. What could have been an exchange of insurance documents (yes, we are covered) quickly transitioned to their desire to support our neophyte  sailors and the joys and learning experiences of voyaging. Where others would focus on vessel defacement, owners John and Loren considered gelcoat scrapes as life marks (even though their boat is absolutely beautiful). I was frankly entranced by both, later reflecting that sailing offers that rare chance to meet the best of folks who brush aside minor issues to focus on the truly important. Needless to say, the Commodore and I could have hung onto their toe rail for hours!

We reluctantly returned to shore knowing this encounter will remain with us for years to come. Thank you John and Loren for sharing your perspective on life and living.

“L’Il Ollie” is based in Oak Bay, Victoria and we hope our paths will cross again. Safe passage and our heartfelt best wishes go with you and your worldly wise crew …

L'Il Isle

(The vessel is adorned with the dark blue canopy).