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2017 Summer Courses

As a result of over-subscription in prior years, we have expanded the learn-to-sail program for 2017. At this time, spaces remain available in all 4 levels.

As of July 27, 2017 we still have course openings, primarily in both the CanSail 1/2 in Flying Juniors and CanSail 3/4 programs using Lasers. The latest space availability is noted below:

July 31 – Aug 4             CanSail 1/2           2 spaces                           CanSail 3/4          2 spaces

Aug 7 – 11                      CanSail 1/2           0 spaces                           CanSail 3/4          3 spaces

Aug 21-25                       CanSail 1/2           0 spaces                           CanSail 3/4          6 spaces

Please Note:  We will continue to update availability numbers throughout the summer.

These courses have been popular with children from Pender, visitors, and summer residents. While we traditionally identify with kids, adults are always welcome in all 4 of our course levels. Adults will generally be paired with another adult in levels 1&2 and should recognize that some agility is required.

PIJSA offers 4 levels of instruction – addressing different levels of student proficiency. Our curriculum is Sail Canada approved and taught by certified instructors. All successful candidates will receive a recognized certificate from the Canadian governing body.

  • The levels include CanSail 1 & 2 for beginners, taught using Flying Junior (FJ) boats. The FJs usually have 3 youths or 2 adults per boat.
  • Advanced sailors enrolled in CanSail 3 & 4 courses use a combination of single and dual-person Lasers.

Courses are held at the Browning Harbour beach on Monday through Friday at a cost of C$150. Please contact Allyson Coffey at acoffey@telus.net for registration. For more information contact Allyson or Bruce Waygood at kbwaygood@shaw.ca or 250-818-8555 or go to www.penderislandjuniorsailing.com.

Students must demonstrate swimming proficiency while wearing a personal flotation device (life jacket) for about 50 meters and participate in the “righting a capsized boat” as both are safety issues.  CanSail 1 & 2 students must be at least 9 years old when the course begins, and CanSail 3 & 4 participants must be 12 y. and have passed CanSail 2.

Some students who have already completed their certification return for a week of sailing just for the fun of it!



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May 1st Registration for New (1st time) Students

For 2017, registration will be staggered for returning students and new students.

  1. Registration for returning students will be on April 1st .
  2. All other students will be on May 1st .

We will again offer CanSail beginner course Levels 1 & 2 using Flying Junior sailboats. and advanced course Levels 3 & 4 using Lasers and a Byte.

The 2017 Course Dates are: July 17-21; July 31-Aug. 4; Aug 7-11; Aug 21-25. All course levels (1-2-3-4) will be offered in each of the above weeks, providing maximum flexibility for our students.

All students in Levels 1 & 2 must be at least 9 years old at the start of the course, and 12 years old for Levels 3 & 4. Adults are welcome. All students must be able to swim, and will be tested.

Registration is a two-step process:

1) Notify by email, ACoffey@Telus.net, the name of the student(s) after 8 am PDT on May 1st.

2) Registration forms will then be sent, for your completion and return within 14 days with the course fee of $150 .

Please note: PIJSA will not accept block bookings. Families may register with one unrelated person. Families may register other members with returning students.

For more information please see the PIJSA article in the Pender Post, or contact Bruce Waygood: “kbwaygood@shaw.ca”, Tel: (250) 818- 8555.

2016 Registered Students

Below are our registered students for the 2016 season. This info has been updated as of July 10, 2016. Last minutes changes may not be reflected in the below listings.

Registered Students for July 11-15, 2016 CanSail 1 & 2 Course

Nuala Stafford – Ethan Rochet – Soley Lapp – Alexander Kempe – Lluc Vilarmau – Colt Cook – Matthew Hinton – Meredith Boyd – Annika Fleming – Quynn Stafford – Owen Goertz – Sam Bilesky

Registered Students for August 1-5, 2016 CanSail 1 & 2 Course

Lucy Nelems O’Connor – Chris O’Connor – Willem Nelems Rabourn – Kate Nelems -Jesse Schubert – Aimee Lever – Ashlyn Modesitt – Kai van Loon – Bo van Loon – Avery Deisroth – Caleb Carver – Cindy Carver – Shinta Kikuchi

Registered Students for August 1-5, 2016 Advanced Laser Course

Taya Schubert (2-man boat) – Curtis Lever (2-man boat) – Yoko Kikuchi – Kenta Kikuchi – Arthur Kikuchi – Nikolas Lamy – Everest Masselink

Registered Students for August 22-26, 2016 CanSail 1 & 2 Course

Cedar Lopatecki – Alex Thwaites – Heather Thwaites – Sandie Pugh – Roz Kempe – Nicholas Kempe – Zlata Steeves – Brooke Jangula – Summer Jangula – Firinne Rolfe – Marina Fabris – Ella Damberger

Registered Students for August 22-25, 2016 Advanced Laser Course

Madeleine Reed – Terra Rolfe – Satya Underhill – Lauren Ohnona – Taeven Lopatecki – Ashlyn Modesitt


2016 Course Dates

2016 Course Dates

The CANSail 1 and 2 courses for junior/intermediate sailors will run on 3 separate weeks in July and August. These are combined courses – matching newcomers with seasoned sailors on each boat. In addition to level 1 and 2 courses, advanced sailors have a choice of 2 dates in August. These courses will run at the same time with separate instructors for the CANSail and Advanced groups.

For Junior/Intermediate Sailors

  •          The 1st combined session will run from Monday July 11th to Friday July 15th.
  •          The 2nd combined session will run from Monday August 1st to Friday August 5thth.
  •          The 3rd combined session will run from Monday August 22nd to Friday August 26th.

For Advanced Sailors

The club will provide two weeks of advanced courses using Lasers (1 week for each course). These courses will use a separate instructor for the 5 boats of solo sailors.

  •          The 1st Laser session will run from Monday August 1st to Friday August 5th.
  •          The 2nd Laser session will run from Monday August 22nd to Friday August 26th.

Other Info

CANSail 1 and 2 groups will use Flying Junior boats while advanced sailors will use Lasers.

All groups will be taught by CANSail approved instructors.

For CANSail participants we combine more knowledgeable sailors with “newbies” (generally 3 persons per boat) to provide new comers with a guiding hand in the first few days. Our instructors are certified by BC Sailing under auspices of a national program. Junior and Intermediate sailors in the CANSail 1 and 2 programs will be evaluated on the Friday afternoon after our traditional picnic on Mortimer Spit. They are eligible for competency certificates from our national sailing organization.

The Advanced course taught on Laser sailboats relies on elements of the national program but has limited racing aspects. As a result, we do not offer nationally recognized certificates for participants.

Courses run from Monday to Friday inclusive.
* The Monday class starts at 9:00 AM to allow registration and runs until 3:00 PM.
* Tuesday through Friday courses run from 9:30 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon, with an hour off for lunch on the beach.

All courses are C$125 per week with registration on May 1st for all programs.

Monday, August 17th, 2015

Another week and another great commencement. We had 9 boats and 18 sailors on the starting line for this week’s festivities. A dozen (largely novice) young sailors using Flying Junior boats were accompanied by a half dozen skilled denizens of the deep using our Lasers. To be fair, half the Lasers were being handled by first time skippers, so our complement of students overwhelmingly would have a “Learner/Novice” plaque affixed to their current mode of transportation.

Monday has become our swim test day and everyone attacked the waters with gusto. A local otter was wondering what the commotion was, but s(he) quickly scampered away in the face of 18 determined swimmers.

Youngsters Kicking up a Storm Laser Swimmers


It was a challenging morning as winds were light and variable (aka fluky), leaving some of our newer sailors wondering what has happening to their propulsion systems – hehe. Despite the changeable winds, they performed admirably and had their vessels crossing in formation by the end of the first morning. Well done sailors!

Day 1 FJ's Flying in Formation Fj's Chased by Instructor

Friday, August 7th, 2015

Fine weather ushered in our final day on the water for this sailing group. Their strong performance throughout the week allowed our instructors to challenge all sailors to a multi-leg race to/from Mortimer Spit as the “grande finale” to the week. To add some spice, Laser sailors were required to beach the boats, circling them on foot AND completely roll/right their vessels on the water.  It was destined to be a day of drama and fun, keeping our land-based Directors busy scanning the horizon while others manned our crash boat on the water. Things started with beach instruction on rigging a Laser II which, of course, our instructors snaffled as their preferred rig for the romp (providing them with an – ahem – slight advantage). Spectators enjoyed 10 boats mastering the breeze along some fine gymnastics to execute Laser rolls.

Friday PM #14 Friday PM #15

The race dispensed with, our hungry sailors arrived at Mortimer Spit for the traditional BBQ. They dispatched our goodies using the same precision targeting displayed in the race. “One up/one down” was the order of the day – keeping our parent and director volunteers more than a little busy satisfying pent up demand – lol. It was a fun filled hour where everyone gelled and relaxed before returning to the matter at hand … sailing in perfect weather in pristine waters.

Friday PM #10 Friday PM #6 Friday PM #7 Friday PM #9And sail they did! Often the end of the week leaves tired sailors slowly de-rigging boats and returning them to their base. This group was still rocking with juniors being introduced to the advanced Laser boats thanks to our more experienced sailors guiding them. The sailing continued into the late afternoon with boats beached long after our instructors had left to return to Vancouver Island. It was an unmitigated blast for sailors and spectators …

Friday PM #12 Friday PM #11 Friday PM #5 Friday PM #4 Friday PM #3 Friday PM #2 Friday PM #1 Returning Home with a Dry-Roll

Our sailors and parents have always been generous and fulsome with their praise for the efforts of the volunteer Board as well as our instructors. We were delighted when they handed instructors and the Board a card with well wishes at the conclusion of the week. Surprise turned to mild shock when our parents also donated funds to assist in refurbishing some of our boats. We will develop a work plan to put your generosity to best use over the winter! A huge thank you from all of us to each of you.

Thanks Thank You Cards