Boats Used for Teaching

12-foot Pirate-class training boats are used for the CANSail 1 and 2 courses. The 7 boats were acquired from another BC club in late 2018. Dimensions are similar to our much older Flying Junior boats. These new-to-us boats have slightly different rigging and, with one boat kept in reserve, beaching due to malfunctions should be minimized.

Lasers and Bytes are used by advanced students. These boats have been donated by fellow sailors and refurbished by our board members. Masts and Sails are colour coded to each boat to ease student rigging. 5 Lasers are available with an additional two-person Laser outfitted with a trapeze and spinnaker. The 2-person Lasers are generally used on a rotation basis for interested students venturing on a more advanced platform.

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