Directors and Board Members

Throughout its history, the Association has been led by a dedicated team of island residents. Our current Executive Team consists of:

The current Commodore is Bruce Waygood. Bruce is on the Executive of the Pender Island Yacht Club and has led an active sailing lifestyle.

Our Safety Officer is Bob Vergette. Bob has been a past member of the Pender volunteer Coast Guard and provides extensive knowledge of safety protocols.

Our Treasurer is Rick Mudie, former Commodore of the Pender Island Yacht Club. Rick is a Chartered Accountant and has been a power-boater with significant salt water experience.

Our Social Director is Allyson Coffey. Allyson has been a past Registrar and the face of Junior Sailing for many years. With strong links to the Surrey Yacht Club, she remains a dedicated supporter of students and (grand)/parents on Pender.

The Executive Team is supported by a wide-ranging Board of experienced sailors and power-boaters. We generally have about 10 other board members sharing roles and attending regular planning meetings. In addition to the board, beach duties are shared with a team of community volunteers who assist in various capacities during course weeks.

2 thoughts on “Directors and Board Members

  1. Michelle Morton

    Hi there
    We just signed up our daughter Josie Morton as a returning student. She attended your sailing school previouly and has since obtained her level 3 (2021) She is now working on level 4. Shall we send in a copy of her level 3 Cansail certificate?
    Her friend Esme is also registered and attended previously too. She also has her level 3 and is working on level 4. Please advise and thank you.

  2. johnonpender Post author

    Hello Michelle. Thank you for the courtesy of offering to send a copy of her Certificate. I checked our on-line registration system and saw her current year registration is in order. Checklick will share Josie’s 2023 sailing accomplishments with BC Sailing and the National Office to simplify future course certifications. Your word is good enough for us and we look forward to welcoming her talented skills this summer!
    John Ackermans – Joint Registrar with Dave Harrison


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