CANSail 1

CANSail 1 is targeted to beginners and provides the basics of safety and sailing. The course emphasizes sailing and safety fundamentals for individuals who either have some or no sailing experience.

Monday morning starts with the basics of sailing and rigging a boat. After instruction on the basic controls, balance and sitting position in the boat, students should find themselves on the water. Weather permitting this is generally on the first afternoon. Sailing is under the supervision of an instructor and, when deemed advisable, a competent adult will accompany a group on the first day. By Tuesday, sailors will be on the water by themselves (3 to a boat). The week is spent reinforcing safety habits including sailing in every direction relative to the wind. You will learn to tack, gybe, sail upwind and how to recover from a capsized sailboat

By the end of the course, teams should be able to sail with minimum input from our instructor.

Both CANSail 1 and 2 are offered to individuals aged 9 and higher. Flying Junior boats are used in both programs. Our programs assume 3 children to a boat (or 2 adults/boat) with one week of combined land/water training.


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