CANSail Levels 3 – 4 Courses

Level 3 and 4 courses are designed for sailors who can single-hand a dinghy and handle their vessels in competitive conditions. Participants must be at least 12 years old and have graduated from the preceding CanSail course or demonstrate equivalent experience.

Sailing is in more challenging waters near the entrance to Browning Bay with participants learning the skills for competitive dinghy racing.

The aim of these courses is to advance students beyond the fundamentals and potentially transition their skills into group racing. Emphasis is on optimizing boat speed, ensuring secure vessel handling in tight quarters and competitive sailing to a marker buoy. Terminology, Laser boat rigging, and sailing fundamentals will already be part of the participant’s repertoire. While the fundamentals will be reviewed, this will be in the context of optimizing sailing efficiencies. The emphasis will be on boat control in close quarters and challenging sea states.

Teaching will focus on boat trim, heeling, centerboard use, sail trim and sailing efficiently to a course buoy. Basic skills will be enhanced through a process of self-evaluation and on water instructor evaluation. New topics will likely include controlling sail shape and tacking and gybing using heel and roll tacks.

This course is taught by experienced instructors certified by BC Sail.

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