CanSail 2

CANSail 2 builds on the prior course, honing capabilities to allow students to sail in a variety of winds and seas. Graduates will be able to sail confidently by themselves. Our goal is to increase sailing skills, gain confidence and synchronize¬†participants’ sailing duties with their crewmates.

The course expands on the foundations of CANSail 1, emphasizing controlled responses to changing conditions using sail and boat trim, centerboard settings, and the basics of heeling. The focus is on safe boat control in various weather conditions including a person overboard safety drill. Students will be tested near the end of the week to assess their CANSail 2 certification readiness. We generally aim to end the week with a short multi-leg race where skills are showcased.

Our aim is for you to have the skills, control and confidence to sail without supervision.

The CANSail 2 course is a certified course under the auspices of Sail Canada with our instructors certified by BC Sailing. Vessels are Flying Juniors

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