Courses Offered

Our courses follow the latest guidelines of Sail Canada (previously called the Canadian Yachting Association). These guidelines were developed to ensure consistent teaching approaches across Canada. In addition to new course designs, a central registry ensures students have accreditation which is recognized throughout North America.

Pender Island Junior Sailing is a participating member of Sail Canada, following their approved methodology. Our instructors are trained and certified by BC Sail which falls under the guidance of Sail Canada.

4 courses form the current curriculum. For a more detailed synopsis of each course, refer to “Courses” on this site. PIJSA provides official accreditation for all courses currently offered.

CANSail 1 is targeted to beginners and provides the basics of safety and sailing. The course emphasizes sailing and safety fundamentals. By the end of the course, teams should be able to sail with minimum input from our instructor.

CANSail 2 builds on the prior course, honing capabilities to allow students to sail in a variety of winds and seas. Graduates will be able to sail confidently by themselves. We generally aim to end the week with a short multi-leg race where skills are showcased. Our aim is for you to have the skills, control, and confidence to sail without supervision.

CANSail 3 and 4 are targeted for CANSail 2 graduates who will single-hand Laser dinghys and dual person Lasers with a trapeze. We previously referred to this group as our Advanced Sailors. Sailing is in more challenging waters near Mortimer Spit which is closer to the entrance of Browning Bay. Tactical racing decisions including rules of the road and competitive strategies in racing scenarios will prime candidates for future advanced courses. While a lot of fun, this course requires previously displayed sailing competencies

Both CANSail 1 and 2 are offered to kids aged 9 and higher, teens and adults. Depending on the skill set of registered individuals. Flying Junior boats are generally used in both programs. Youth programs assume 3 individuals to a boat with 5 days of land/water training. We match experienced and beginner students in the same boat to enhance security for the newcomer.

The CANSail 3 and 4 courses are offered to kids aged 12 years, teens and adults. Participants are assigned individual high-performance Laser boats used for the one-week session. Based on popular demand, 3 sessions will run concurrently with the CANSail 1 and 2 programs. A BC Sail certified instructor is assigned for the CANSail level 3 and 4 courses and the fleet will find itself in steady winds closer to the entrance of Browning Harbour.

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