2022 Registration Process

Similar to past years, registration will be staggered to accommodate returning students/household members followed 2 weeks later by registration for new students.

  1. Registration for returning students & members of their household is May 1st.
  2. All other (new) students will be on May 15th.

We will again offer CANSail beginner course Levels 1 & 2 using Pirate-class training sailboats along with a Fun Sailing option which is not instructor-led.

The 2022 Course Dates are: 

  • Levels 1&2 – July 11-15; July 25-29; Aug 1-5; Aug 15-19
  • Fun Sailing – August 1-5; August 15-19. 

All students in Levels 1 & 2 must be at least 9 years old at the start of the course. Fun Sailing students must be 12 years old and have completed level 2.

Parents/Guardians will directly register students’ Registration using the Checklick registration tool. Information previously obtained manually have been incorporated into the Checklick system and will be entered by the person completing the registration. All students will be directly placed into their courses and you will have confirmation of their placement.

If you should land on a “Waitlist”, our Registrar will liase to seek a proper alternative week. Your credit card will be charged once students are formally moved from the Waitlist category into a specific week.

The 2022 course fee for CANSail courses is C$200. As Fun Sailing offers little instruction, the fee is C$175. The only option for payment is by using a credit card.

We recommend that individuals access the Checklick system shortly after 8 AM on May 1st/15th as registration preferences are based on sequential receipt. The Checklick system will only be made available to registrants at 8:00 Pacific Time.

The URL to access Checklick is:


Note: This posting has been amended to indicate Checklist’s auto-assignment of requested courses has been enabled. Students will no longer be directly placed into a waitlist despite courses being available.