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Update on PIJSA 2023 Sailing Courses

PIJSA has an instructor for CANSail Level 3 & 4 courses for the first time in some years! The CANSail level 3/4 courses will be offered for 2 weeks: July 31-Aug 4; Aug 14-18. Students must be 12y of age and have completed CANSail Level 2. PIJSA asks that those who already have Level 2 consider registering in the first two weeks, if convenient, so that the Aug 14-18 week is available for students who progress during the previous weeks, can have an opportunity to register for Level 3/4 in the final week.

PIJSA will offer 5-day CANSail Level 1 & 2 courses for the 4 weeks of: July 10-24, July 24-28, July 31-Aug 4 and Aug 14-18. Students need to be at least 9y at the start of the course and be able to swim with the aid of a PFD. Students must complete a capsizing practise on day 2 in order to remain in the course. Adults may register for all the courses, but should be aware that agility is required in small dinghies. Students can register for any already-achieved level if they want extra sailing time. The cost of all courses is C$225.

Registration starts May 1 at 8 am Pacific Time for returning students and other household members. Others may register on May 15. Registration and payment are by using the Checklick system with details found on the PIJSA web site:

PIJSA refund policy is that cancellation refunds prior to the course will only be offered if another student can be found. Refunds will be about $30 less because of external fees that are not refunded. No refunds are offered once each course has started.

Courses, M-F, are 9 am to about 3 pm with a lunch break. PIJSA provides a BBQ lunch on Friday to which family members etc. are invited. The Level 1 & 2 courses use Pirate class boats with 3 students per boat, or 2 adult students per boat. The Level 3 & 4 courses use single-handed Laser 1s and Bytes, and 2-person Laser 2s. The boats sail from Hamilton Beach, Browning Harbour.

Note: This announcement has been amended to indicate that CANSail 3&4 courses are only for two weeks (originally expected to be 3 weeks) as one of our instructors is not able to attend.