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Frequency Asked Questions as at April 17, 2020

What is the Status of the 2020 Summer Courses?

The coming season remains a “Tentative Go”.  The word tentative is critical as we need to see how the virus situation evolves.

What Will the Final Decision Depend On?

1st and foremost will be a decision by Canadian governing authorities on the virus and relaxation of self-distancing rules. We will abide by Provincial and Federal guidelines and align with the BC Sail governing association.

We also have club-specific criteria in terms of minimum enrollment numbers and the availability of instructors and support staff.

When Will a Decision be Taken?

The decision point will likely be mid-June as we require 30 days to make support arrangements and prepare vessels/premises. This assumes July courses will launch (currently considered doubtful).

If we limit sailing to August (more likely), a decision can be deferred to July 1st.

What is the Current Canadian Situation on Corona-19?

As of April 17, 2020, the following measures are in force:

  • Travel: The border closure with the USA is likely to be extended to mid-May, Island Ferry services are reduced and domestic air travellers must wear face masks.
  • Canada is under a “stay at home” health guidance with mandated 2-meter (6-foot) distancing for any sorties (impossible in a boat).
  • Face masks are recommended for any public place visits and most islanders are self-isolating.
  • Part-time residents/visitors have been asked to stay in their home province and not visit recreational properties in BC.
  • Only essential services (for example grocery/gas stores) are open for customer visits under restricted-access conditions.

What Should Prospective Sailors Do?

Returning students should register on May 1st at Potential new students should register on May 15th at the same email address.

Given the uncertain situation, we will only require payment once a final decision on course prospects has been taken in June.

For details of course dates/costs please refer to the appropriate headings at the top of this web site.