2017 Summer Courses

As a result of over-subscription in prior years, we have expanded the learn-to-sail program for 2017. At this time, spaces remain available in all 4 levels.

As of July 27, 2017 we still have course openings, primarily in both the CanSail 1/2 in Flying Juniors and CanSail 3/4 programs using Lasers. The latest space availability is noted below:

July 31 – Aug 4             CanSail 1/2           2 spaces                           CanSail 3/4          2 spaces

Aug 7 – 11                      CanSail 1/2           0 spaces                           CanSail 3/4          3 spaces

Aug 21-25                       CanSail 1/2           0 spaces                           CanSail 3/4          6 spaces

Please Note:  We will continue to update availability numbers throughout the summer.

These courses have been popular with children from Pender, visitors, and summer residents. While we traditionally identify with kids, adults are always welcome in all 4 of our course levels. Adults will generally be paired with another adult in levels 1&2 and should recognize that some agility is required.

PIJSA offers 4 levels of instruction – addressing different levels of student proficiency. Our curriculum is Sail Canada approved and taught by certified instructors. All successful candidates will receive a recognized certificate from the Canadian governing body.

  • The levels include CanSail 1 & 2 for beginners, taught using Flying Junior (FJ) boats. The FJs usually have 3 youths or 2 adults per boat.
  • Advanced sailors enrolled in CanSail 3 & 4 courses use a combination of single and dual-person Lasers.

Courses are held at the Browning Harbour beach on Monday through Friday at a cost of C$150. Please contact Allyson Coffey at acoffey@telus.net for registration. For more information contact Allyson or Bruce Waygood at kbwaygood@shaw.ca or 250-818-8555 or go to www.penderislandjuniorsailing.com.

Students must demonstrate swimming proficiency while wearing a personal flotation device (life jacket) for about 50 meters and participate in the “righting a capsized boat” as both are safety issues.  CanSail 1 & 2 students must be at least 9 years old when the course begins, and CanSail 3 & 4 participants must be 12 y. and have passed CanSail 2.

Some students who have already completed their certification return for a week of sailing just for the fun of it!



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