Day 1 of our first Course

Monday dawned overcast as 8 veterans and 4 newcomers convened in Browning Harbour. The weather Gods soon cooperted as it was clear that our sailors were determined to get out on the water that very morning. By 11:00 the group was on the water and doing a great job sailing in the bay.

That continued throughout the day with a short break for lunch and the weather steadily improving. By the afternoon it was clear skies, mild winds and warm temps. A true Pender summer day!

Here are a few pictures of our first water day of the season.

Boat Prep Instruction on the Beach. Jib Sheet Instruction Morning Boat Prep. Our Junior JUNIOR Sailors

Our thanks to the Board, almost all of whom turned out for this starter day. We had cleaned boats (cleaned a weekend ago) and a spruced up parking area to show for their collective efforts. Happy and safe sailing to everyone.

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